The following system prerequisites are needed to be fullfilled to run any NOLTEC application:

1. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6
2. Windows 7 (or later)
3. Internet Connectivity to allow for SMS/Email functions to work
4. SAP Crystal Reports: You need to install the latest 32bitMSI from the SAP web site to allow for any      reporting.
5. Network connectivity between 2 or more computers to allow for data sharing between users on a network.

If ACE.OLEDB.12.0 not registered, please download AccessDatabaseEngine.exe or  AccessDatabaseEngine64bit.exe and run on pc

If you are unsure how to install these prerequisites, contact NOLTEC to assist.

See the next pages to download your specific application file. The User manual on each application will explain in deail how to install and configure your product.